There are many choices for countertop for todays kitchens. The following are only our most popular choices, however for a full selection of the varieties of countertops, please stop by our showroom.

Laminate - The most affordable option in countertops, laminate offers hundreds of colours which makes matching your countertop to its surroundings easy. Postform laminate offers the most value, but there are also custom edges available for a distinctive style or design.

Quartz - We have a few different brands of Quartz which we showcase. Quartz is a very durable man-made product that is maintenance free (no sealing required) non porous and is heat and scratch resistant. Quartz delivers high performance and offers exceptional beauty.

Granite - Granite is a naturally formed stone that has varying colours. Each piece has its own unique look that can’t be duplicated. Because of this, we let you choose your slab of granite that you want made into your countertops. Granite is hard and highly scratch resistant. It may require occasional resealing, but with little maintenance will endure years of use.